Reselling Information!

I think the greatest job you can have is selling information on the internet. It's free! AND you can make a nice amount of money each and every day. You will have to do a lot of writing and posting of ads, but it can turn into a $200-$300 per day thing!

There are SCAMS out there! The worst is the Roadmap scam.

This is the worst program you can possibly buy into. It is called ROADMAP TO RICHES, and it basically takes $1000 from you.

Of course, it does allow you to sell the same junk to the next sucker - usually consisting of a bunch of e-books that are basically worthless. You see, most of the e-book information that they offer is available at your public library. To really make money you really have to offer something of value.

When I see all the poor losers on all the free web sites posting the Roadmap To Riches bullshit, I just cringe! There is no money in this. If you make one or two sales a month, you are extremely lucky!

You WILL see lots of people posting positive articles about ROADMAP TO RICHES, but that is because they are associated with it and are paying $49 per month PLUS $59 for credit card processing. They MUST earn money or get completely ruined!

Don't do this program, you are just looking to have your money stolen. Nobody is going to pay their $999 or $499 for whichever program they offer. If you want a real program with guaranteed results AND a refund policy, check this out! Just don't fall for bullshit that is going to steal $1000 from you!


Recommended Reading

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Another way you can make money is by blogging. Many of us enjoy writing and talking, chit-chatting and using the Messenger programs (Yahoo or AIM). Why not use them to make money? If you are willing to spend a few - or more - hours every day talking online, you may as well get paid for it!

Check out the article!

Work Smarter, Not Harder!

Isn't that the thing people say when we are short of money? Give me a break. Government jobs go to preferred classes of people, all the cushy middle-management jobs go to people who are connected or are in the same church or organization. What about us ordinary slobs?

Well, there is plenty of work to be found on the internet. You won't become a millionaire, but you will make substantial money on the internet.

How much?

How much money can you make doing an odd job on the Internet? I'll show you.

I earn about $450 per day simply posting and placing ads and links. Before you say bullshit! just remember that I've been doing this for over two years. It takes time to build up the kind of regular income that I make, so you will have to have patience.

If you start doing odd jobs on the Internet like I do, realistically it will take you between one and two months to start earning $50 per day. When that happens, you'll start getting excited because you'll realize if you keep going, pretty soon, that number will go up, and that is real money!

This is the program I started with and I know you will make money with it. I am going to post regularly on the things I do online, so stay tuned.

Fitness Trainer

You'd be surprised how many of these guys are working. Most of them work for cash and train people in their own homes - or at a local gym. When they do, they often get paid on the spot and therefore are in a position to hid some or most of their income from the IRS.

It seems only fitness guys or bodybuilders are able to do this kind of work. Not true! I've seen obese guys giving fitness lessons to people in worse shape than they are in. When you are younger - say under 30, you can even be somewhat fat and be a trainer. After the age of 30, you really need to be slim.

Remember that most people think fat means out of shape and thin means fit. You can be thin and completely lethargic and sick most of the time and most people will see you as fit and trim.

An active fitness trainer will earn probably about $400-$500 per week with effort. Not many people stay with the same fitness trainer for long, so you will have to be always generating more business. This can be difficult, so you have to be the kind of person who is willing to always be selling.

City or County Worker

These are better jobs that you think. The best type of job to have with the city or county is "contract administrator". It has a very thick description and very serious sounding responsibilities, but it's basically a "make everyone happy" job.

Contract administrators oversee contracts. Usually these contracts are given to the YMCA - for youth programs, or Catholic Charities - for homeless outreach, etc. Generally, the contract administrator makes sure all the required forms are filled out, people are checking in as necessary - and the facilities that get the money are up to compliance with safety and procedure, etc.

It's very simple and the job can be done (even in a big department) in about 8 hours per week. Of the contract administrators I know, most of them spend a large part of the day doing personal things with family and friends, playing Solitaire on their computers, or browsing the internet.

Hell of a job, I'd say!